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Agricultural Equipment Business Essay

Horticultural Equipment Business Manufacturing, fare and dispersion openings in post-collect gear entice business visionaries even as other homestead items likewise hold extraordinary guarantee In the most recent decade, Buhler, a worldwide producer of grain processing, arranging and taking care of items, has been seeing a land move popular for its items. While the US and Europe remained the backbone for long, it is China and India that are currently the interest centers for its items. The organization, which propelled its India activities in 1992, has since extended its office in India and inclined up the workforce. Another hardware firm, Satake, a Japanese major, has been seeing comparable pattern. However, the nearness of large firms, for example, Satake and Buhler has not had a lot of impact on neighborhood producing. Numerous little and medium ventures work at full limit the nation over. Take for example, S P Khandelwal of S Milling and Engineering. He sells grain cleaning and arranging hardware to flour factories, vitality nourishments makers and tidbits organizations. He brags of customers, for example, Bikanerwala, Priya Gold and Modi Flour Mill. It is the value factor that helps business visionaries, for example, Khandelwal endure the attack of the worldwide majors. â€Å"Products sold by sorted out players are costly while my items are low-cost,† he says. Homestead hardware organizations, both of all shapes and sizes, are battling like there's no tomorrow to get the bigger portion of the worthwhile India showcase, notwithstanding the way that the horticulture sector’s share in the GDP has fallen throughout the years. This regardless, the homestead gear area, that is a key help for farming, has been developing at an energetic pace and is anticipated to contact $7. 9 billion by 2012, as indicated by The Freedonia Group, a US-based statistical surveying firm. [pic] Growth Drivers two or three variables are driving the development of this division. These are automation of agribusiness, increment in contract cultivating, simple accessibility of ranch advances at low loan costs, and relocation of workers from towns to urban areas. Motorization of Indian rural has been a significant supporter. The constant increment in the utilization of intensity for ranch division and the comparing decrease in the utilization of animal and human force is an unmistakable sign that an ever increasing number of machines are being sent. An investigation by KPMG, accomplished for India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) hurls some fascinating perceptions. It says the portion of creatures as the wellspring of intensity for the farming part declined forcefully from 45% in 1971-72 to under 10% in 2005-06.

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Levy Patrick Mwanawasa - President of Zambia 2002-2008

Toll Patrick Mwanawasa - President of Zambia 2002-2008 Conceived: 3 September 1948 - Mufulira, Northern Rhodesia (presently Zambia)Died: 19 August 2008 - Paris, France Early LifeLevy Patrick Mwanawasa was conceived in Mufulira, in Zambias Copperbelt locale, some portion of the little ethnic gathering, the Lenje. He was instructed at Chilwa Secondary School, in Ndola locale, and went to peruse law at University of Zambia (Lusaka) in 1970. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1973. Mwanawasa began his profession as a right hand in law office in Ndola in 1974, he qualified for the bar in 1975, and framed his own law organization, Mwanawasa and Co., in 1978. In 1982 he was delegated Vice-director of Law Association of Zambia and somewhere in the range of 1985 and 86 was the Zambian Solicitor-General. In 1989 he effectively safeguarded previous VP Lieutenant General Christon Tembo and others accused of plotting an upset against then president Kenneth Kaunda. Beginning of a Political CareerWhen Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda (United National Independence Party, UNIP) endorsed making of resistance groups in December 1990, Levey Mwanawasa joined the recently made Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) under the administration of Fredrick Chiluba. Presidential decisions in October 1991 were won by Frederick Chiluba who got to work (as Zambias second president) on 2 November 1991. Mwanawasa turned into an individual from National Assembly for Ndola body electorate and was designated VP and pioneer of the Assembly by President Chiluba. Mwanawasa was genuinely harmed in an auto crash in South Africa in December 1991 (his associate passed on at the site) and was hospitalized for an all-encompassing period. He built up a discourse hindrance accordingly. Baffled with Chilubas GovernmentIn 1994 Mwanawasa surrendered as VP claming the post was progressively unessential (on the grounds that he was more than once sidelined by chiluba) and that his uprightness had been placed in question after a contention with Micheal Sata, serve without portfolio (successfully the bureau authority) in the MMD government. Sata would later test Mwanawasa for the administration. Mwanawasa openly blamed Chilubas government for endemic debasement and monetary unreliability, and left to devot his opportunity to his old legitimate practice. In 1996 Levy Mwanawasa remained against Chiluba for the authority of the MMD however was thoroughly crushed. Be that as it may, his political desires were not wrapped up. At the point when Chilubas endeavor to change Zambias constitution to permit hello there a third term in office fizzled, Mwanawasa moved to the cutting edge by and by - he was embraced by the MMDs as their possibility for president. President MwanawasaMwanawasa accomplished just a restricted triumph in the December 2001 political race, in spite of the fact that his survey consequence of 28.69% votes cast was adequate to win him the administration on a first-past-the-post framework. His closest opponent, out of ten different applicants, Anderson Mazoka got 26.76%. Political race result was tested by his rivals (particularly by Mazokas party who guaranteed they had in reality won). Mwanawasa was sworn into office on 2 January 2002. Mwanawasa and the MMD came up short on a general larger part in the National Assembly - because of voter doubt of a gathering Chiluba had brought into offensiveness, from Chilubas endeavor to clutch power, and in light of the fact that Mwanawasa was viewed as a Chiluba manikin (Chiluba held the post of MMD party president). In any case, Mwanawasa moved rapidly to separate himself from Chiluba, beginning a concentrated battle against the defilement which had tormented the MMD. (Mwanawasa likewise nullified the Ministry of Defense and assumed control over the portfolio specifically, resigning 10 senior military officials all the while.) Chiluba surrendered administration of the MMD in March 2002, and under Mwanawasas direction the National Assembly casted a ballot to expel the previous presidents insusceptibility to arraignment (he was captured in February 2003). Mwanawasa crushed a comparable endeavor to denounce him in August 2003. Sick HealthConcerns over Mwanawasas wellbeing emerged after he endured a stroke in April 2006, yet he recouped enough to stand by and by in presidential races winning with 43% of the vote. His closest rival, Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front (PF) got 29% of the vote. Sata normally guaranteed casting a ballot anomalies. Mwanawasa endured a second stroke in October 2006. On 29 June 2008, hours before the beginning of an African Union highest point, Mwanawasa had a third stroke allegedly substantially more extreme than the past two. He was traveled to France for treatment. Gossipy tidbits about his passing before long circled, however were excused by the administration. Rupiah Banda (individual from the United National Independence Pary, UNIP), who had been VP during Mwanawasas second term, became acting president on 29 June 2008. On 19 August 2008, in clinic in Paris, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa passed on of difficulties because of his prior stroke. He will be recognized as a political reformist, who made sure about obligation help and drove Zambia through a time of monetary development (incompletely supported by the global ascent in the cost of copper).

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Free Self Concept Essay Samples

Free Self Concept Essay SamplesIf you want to write a free self concept essay but you don't know how to start then this article will show you how. Using free slef essay samples will help you come up with an essay that you can work on until it is perfect. You should remember to make it as accurate as possible and then rewrite it at least a couple of times until you have a clean draft.As with any writing project it helps to take some time and be patient before you start working on your slef essay. Once you do start writing you need to practice a lot until you get the feel for it. You don't need to spend all day on it but you need to take a lot of time to get it right. It will be better if you do a draft or two and then you rework it before you start writing the actual essay.You can use free slef essay samples from sites such as This website has a huge selection of good slef essays which you can take from and then use them to practice with. You can also find some good free slef essay samples by browsing through sample exams such as the TCAP one and using these as practice materials.It is essential that you are fully confident in your essay before you start writing it. Make sure that it is correct and then rewrite it until it is exactly right. The biggest mistakes people make when they start writing are not having the confidence that comes from having read a book or a guide before you start writing.It also helps to talk to other people who have written the same kind of slef essay. If they are happy with their work then they will be able to give you a few tips that you can follow. They can even give you some free slef essays that they have written so that you can get a feel for the style of writing.If you are having a problem then you should write down what is wrong with your essay and then work on it until you get it right. Once you have got it right you can then go back and reread it. Try and write as much as you can before you start writing it. Not only will this help you learn how to write it, it will also ensure that you get it right.The first part of your essay is always going to be the introduction. You need to make sure that it is excellent and that it tells readers about the topic of the essay and how it relates to the idea. Then you should then move onto the body of the essay and include as much information as possible about the subject.Finally you should look at a review and see how it relates to the major section of the essay. This will give you a better understanding of how the whole essay will end up. Once you have finished writing it then you can either use it as a practice essay or rewrite it a couple of times before you submit it to the college. Once you do start writing then make sure that you have a clear idea of how it is going to relate to the particular topic that you are trying to get across.

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Why I Oppose the Death Penalty Essay - 1100 Words

Why I Oppose the Death Penalty (Essay Sample) Content: Death PenaltyName:Institution: IntroductionOver the years, death penalty has been shunned across the globe. This is a practice that has been around for centuries and so many lives have been lost through the intervention of the same. The practice that gained it roots in the early 17th century in the British North America. From the onset of the 17th century, the aspect of capital punishment had been on the rise till the late 20th century, after which there was a sharp decline that has remained relatively intact over the years that have followed (, 2014). Despite the fact that there has been a decline in the number of people that are executedthrough this ancient practice, the baseline is that this is a practice that should be in effect in this day and age. It is a practice that has been surpassed by time and is riddled with too many flaws that are present in the social systems and the justice systems execution of legal matters (, 2013).T hesis Statement: Death penalty should be abolished as it is flawed by design Death penalty is one of the most flawed aspects of the justice system that is in place in many states and many countries across the world that still practice it. At the heart of the flaws, is the fact that some of the victims that are executed are actually innocent serving time for crimes that they did not commit. In the USA alone, since the year 1973, there have been more than one hundred and forty four prisoners that have been exonerated for their crimes. All these are people whose lives were put in danger by a flawed system and who would have died for their innocence rather than crimes that they were arrested for. Every one of these persons had a family that would have been affected by the same. More often than not, the victims of the sentence are convicted through the use of false confessions, poor scientific methods, government misconducts, snitch testimonies and eyewitness errors. In cases where the rich and powerful are incriminated in crimes, there are chances that an innocent person is going to take the fall and pay for crimes they did not commit with their lives (, 2013). Once these victims are convicted and executed, there is no way of undoing the act even though there emerges new evidence that would exonerate them. There have been indications that in the recent two years in the state of California, there may have been more than four men that have been convicted wrongly and executed. This is an injustice to the victims, their families and friends that can never be undone and the lives of the victims families are changed forever.For the families that have lost their loved ones through gruesome murders, it is not always helping to see the perpetrators killed in a move to avenge their relatives and friends. Most of the families that have had their loved ones murdered choose to forgive the perpetrators as any actions following deaths of their loved ones will no t bring them back (, 2014). More importantly, this form of acceptance and forgiving the perpetrators also helps the victims families to heal much faster and move on. The act of having to execute the perpetrators of the heinous crimes only serves to lengthen the time it takes for the families to heal as their wounds are constantly reopened and prodded (, 2013).The cost of having to execute the criminals on death penalty is actually much higher than most people anticipate. This is money that actually comes from the tax payers, which means that they get to pay the price for the crimes in physical losses and monetary wise(, 2014). It is actually much cheaper to have the criminal on life sentences and without parole than having on death penalty. In a study carried in California, establishing the costs of having death penalty since it was reopened in 1978; it was found out that more than $4 billion dollars had been spent. This is an amount that is more than 20 times more the costs of keeping the criminal alive without parole. At the moment California is spending $184 million dollars on death penalties, which translates to more than $1 billion dollars in the next five years(, 2013). While the number of criminals that are executed has come down considerably, the costs are still massive on the taxpayer, considering that they still have to bear the motional costs of the crimes.Acloser look at the population of prisoner around the states, will indicate that majority of the people that have been incarcerated are from the African American and the Latinos. Further scrutiny of the highest number of the victims of legal injustices that have been exonerated are non-whites. This is not an indication of a working justice system but highlight of the flaws. The high number of the non-whites exonerated is an indication of the number of the non-whites that have been imprisoned. While most of the legal houses will claim that j ustice systems are free of the racial discriminations, the statics of the highest number convicts tells a different story. Ironically, these are the minority groups in the society and their numbers in prison do not relate to their numbers in the general population (, 2013). Studies such as the one that conducted in 1990, through the General Accounting Office, indicated that in the USA ones race was accountable for more than 82% chances that they would be executed. This means that the minorities are still at a higher risk of being executed in the sentences than the whites. This is a flaw in the justice system that preys on the race of the prisoners and one of the most underlying prejudices that plagues human rights in the country (, 2014). Ironically, according to the study, it was also clear that those perpetrators, who had murdered white victims, were more likely to end up being executed, while a good majority of those that murdered the African Americans wou ld be spared. This is a racial system that onlyworks to intimidate ...

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The Dutch Empire Three Centuries on Five Continents

The Netherlands is a small country in northwestern Europe. The inhabitants of the Netherlands are known as the Dutch. As very accomplished navigators and explorers, the Dutch dominated trade and controlled many distant territories from the 17th to 20th centuries. The legacy of the Dutch empire continues to impact the current geography of the world. The Dutch East India Company The Dutch East India Company, also known as the VOC, was founded in 1602 as a joint stock company. The company existed for 200 years and brought great wealth to the Netherlands. The Dutch traded for coveted luxuries such as Asian tea, coffee, sugar, rice, rubber, tobacco, silk, textiles, porcelain, and spices such as cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and cloves. The company was able to build forts in the colonies, maintain an army and navy, and sign treaties with native rulers. The company is now considered the first multinational corporation, which is a company that conducts business in more than one country. Important Former Colonies in Asia   Indonesia:  Then known as the Dutch East Indies, the thousands of islands of present-day Indonesia provided many highly-desired resources for the Dutch. The Dutch base in Indonesia was Batavia, now known as Jakarta (Indonesias capital). The Dutch controlled Indonesia until 1945. Japan:  The Dutch, who were once the only Europeans allowed to trade with the Japanese, received Japanese silver and other goods on the specially-built island of Deshima, located near Nagasaki. In return, the Japanese were introduced to Western approaches to medicine, mathematics, science, and other disciplines. South Africa: In 1652, many Dutch people settled near the Cape of Good Hope. Their descendants developed the Afrikaner ethnic group and the Afrikaans language. Additional Posts in Asia and Africa The Dutch established trading posts in many more places in the Eastern Hemisphere. Examples include: Eastern AfricaMiddle East- especially IranIndiaMalaysiaCeylon (presently Sri Lanka)Formosa (presently Taiwan) The Dutch West India Company The Dutch West India Company was founded in 1621 as a trading company in the New World. It established colonies in the following places: New York City: Led by explorer Henry Hudson, the Dutch claimed present-day New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut and Delaware as the New Netherlands. The Dutch traded with the Native Americans, primarily for fur. In 1626, the Dutch purchased the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans and founded a fort called New Amsterdam. The British attacked the important seaport in 1664 and the outnumbered Dutch surrendered it. The British renamed New Amsterdam New York -- now the most populated city in the United States. Suriname: In return for New Amsterdam, the Dutch received Suriname from the British. Known as Dutch Guiana, cash crops were grown on plantations. Suriname received its independence from the Netherlands in November 1975. Various Caribbean Islands:  The Dutch are associated with several islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Dutch still control the ABC Islands, or Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, all located off the coast of Venezuela. The Dutch also control the central Caribbean islands of Saba, St. Eustatius, and the southern half of the island of Sint Maarten. The amount of sovereignty that each island possesses has changed several times in the last few years. The Dutch controlled parts of northeastern Brazil and Guyana, before they became Portuguese and British, respectively. The Decline of Both Companies The profitably of the Dutch East and West India Companies eventually declined. Compared to other imperialistic European countries, the Dutch had less success convincing its citizens to emigrate to the colonies. The empire fought several wars and lost valuable territory to other European countries. The debts of the companies rose rapidly. By the 19th century, the deteriorating Dutch empire was overshadowed by the empires of other European countries, such as England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Criticism of the Dutch Empire Like all European imperialistic countries, the Dutch faced severe criticism for their actions. Although colonization made the Dutch very wealthy, they were accused of brutal enslavement of native inhabitants and exploitation of the natural resources of their colonies. The Dutch Empire Domination of Trade The Dutch colonial empire is tremendously important geographically and historically. A small country was able to develop an expansive, successful empire. Features of Dutch culture, such as the Dutch language, still exist in the Netherlands former and current territories. Migrants from its territories have made the Netherlands a very multiethnic, fascinating country.

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The Effects Of Capital Punishment On Society - 1516 Words

Capital Punishment Tyra L. Ferguson SYP4514: Patterns of Violence in Society University of Central Florida Introduction Capital punishment was first noted in America in the early 1600’s (â€Å"Part I: History of†, 2014). Much like most of the laws in America, capital punishment was brought here and influenced by European settlers (â€Å"Part I: History of†, 2014). Many crimes that were punishable by death in its infancy in America ranged from stealing fruit to murder. Capital punishment met its turning point from a simple punishment of all crimes to only extremely violent crimes in the mid nineteenth century (â€Å"Part I: History of†, 2014). Capital punishment has had a turbulent history, filled with multiple question as to what crimes should be punishable by death. Many articles have been written on how certain crimes can be deemed punishable by death. It is questionable whether punishing someone through death is a deviant behavior in itself. The negative aspects of capital punishment has also been discussed. Punishable by Death It is questionable whether the types of crimes being committed by many people should be punished by death. Stephen B. Bright stated it best when he said â€Å"It is not the facts of the crime, but the quality of legal representation† (Bright, 1994). In the journal written by Mr. Bright he explains why many capital punishment cases ends up with a decision of death, it is due to a lack of legal representation. â€Å"Poor people accused of capitalShow MoreRelatedCapital Punishment And Its Effect On Society1425 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Punishment has been a topic of debate since it was reinstated in 1976. Some say that in a free society, capital punishment is an unnecessary form of cruel and unusual punishment in violation of our constitution. Others claim that capital punishment serves the primary purpose of deterring crime and punishing society’s most homicidal offenders. The biggest question when it comes to capital punishment is, is it worth i t? Does Capital punishment have a deterrent effect on society? Or does itRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effect On Society2096 Words   |  9 PagesThroughout history, capital punishment has been practiced in many areas in regards to major crimes. Capital punishment is the execution of a convicted criminal as a punishment for the committed crimes, with methods of execution that include electrocutions, gas chambers, lethal injections, etc. Capital punishment has more recently been taken into moral standards, resulting in more than half of the United Nations’ members abolishing its use. ( However, the death penaltyRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effects On Society1794 Words   |  8 Pagesconsequences which forms the basis of the term of ‘punishment’.28 Human societies have been heavily characterized for having the view that wrongdoers should suffer a more or less immediate punishment for their bad deeds, therefore the mor e serious the offense, the more extreme the punishment.28 Capital Punishment is the process through which a person is put to death that is legally authorized by the state in retribution for a crime.28 The use of capital punishment is only permitted to a state; therefore non-stateRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effects On Society1963 Words   |  8 PagesCapital punishment has become an increasing controversial topic recently. I believe that capital punishment is unethical and it does not benefit society as a whole, causing more harm than good by forcefully killing another. It is also hypocritical because it condemns killing by killing. We murder people who murder people to show that murder is wrong. We as a society should not have the right to take someone’s life, without their consent, no matter what they have done. Instead of sentencing theseRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effect On Society2373 Words   |  10 PagesCapital punishment is something almost everyone knows about, it is something that people see on television, the news, and for some people it is the new chapter to the end of their lives. The death penalty has been around for centuries hoping to deter people from a life of crime, although it is favored by many the support for this age old practice is slowly declining. Capital punishment has been the topic for many debates nationwide with everyone having their own views and opinions. Many states haveRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effect On Society1535 Words   |  7 PagesCapital Punishment Does capital punishment have a role in civilized society? No I don t think it does for two reasons for firstly because if you regard the taking of a human life by somebody the crime of murder is so serious as it is the idea that you can kill somebody yourself I think that is just completely wrong. Due to that we will strive to make the criminal justice system as accurate as possible to make sure that the person who is convicted pulse is really the guilty person on time sometimesRead MoreCapital Punishment And Its Effect On Society Today879 Words   |  4 Pages1.0 Introduction My report is about capital punishment and how it has an effect on our society today and why I am for capital punishment. 1.1 What is capital punishment? Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process where a criminal has committed a serious crime like rape or murder and is then decided if he or she should be put to death. Capital punishment has in the past, been practised by most societies, as a punishment for criminals, and political or religious dissidents. HistoricallyRead MoreCapital Punishment And Life Effects On Society And The Justice System1528 Words   |  7 Pagesunfortunately a phenomenon society is forced to face with, and the punishment of these offenders can cause great debate among society and the justice system. The criminal justice field is heavily influenced by these rare offenders because there is no concrete course of action that is taken in these cases. The most frequent consequences used for these offenders includes the offender being given a capital punishment charge, or given a life imprisonment charge. Both capital punishment and life imprisonmentRead MoreCapital Punishment1534 Words   |  7 PagesThe death penalty has been around for many centuries and will probably be around for many to come. Although some citizens feel capital punishment is ethically wrong, it is necessa ry in today s society for various reasons. Society must be kept safe from the barbaric acts of murders and rapist, by taking away their lives to function and perform in our society. Most criminals don t take into account the results of their actions. If a person intending to commit a crime, sees another criminal put toRead MoreCapital Punishment Of The Criminal Justice System1407 Words   |  6 PagesIn the United States, capital punishment has always been the spotlight of many debates concerning the consequences of severe crimes. Although capital punishment is deemed to be acceptable for violent crimes such as murder, there are numerous individuals who oppose the usage of capital punishment against violent offenders. Both proponents and opponents have given countless opinions concerning the deterrence effect of capital punishment. Research studies have also added fuel to the debate in regards

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Competitive Strategy for Google and Netflix-

Question: Discuss about theCompetitive Strategy for Google and Netflix. Answer: Google Google was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin in the year 1998. The company deals in products such internet services, computer software and hardware. The company serves the worldwide market. Sunder Pichai is the current CEO of the company. The companys mission and vision statements are focused on collecting worlds information and presenting them on a universally accessible platform. Google began its story in a garage today the companys headquarters are in California, USA known as Googleplex. Googleplex is big office campus spread over an area of 3.5 million square feet (Google, 2017). Today Google is the market leader in its respective industry. Major products of the company are Google maps. Google chrome, Google play store, YouTube etc. The credit for Googles current success can be credited to continuous innovation and employee friendly practices, acquisitions and clarity simplicity in structure. Innovation is key factor driving the success for the organisation. The company spends huge amount on research and development. It also empowers its employees to be creative and innovative. The company always implements innovative ideas to create better product the competitors. For company financial requirements are never an issue it has enough capital to spend in implementing innovative ideas. The company works according to three ideas first step is implementing innovative ideas, the next is getting the real user data and the third is monetizing (Beattie, 2015). The next key feature that is responsible for current market position of the company are its employee friendly practices the company takes a really good care of its employees. It offers facilities such as on site laundry, Wi-Fi, food, doctors, fun activities in the office, free haircuts, paid maternity leaves and lot more. The company believes that that happy workforce can only turn to productive workforce. The company always welcomes the ideas and opinions of employees. This created a committed workforce (Dhar 2015). The companys success is also credited to its acquisitions. Till now Google has bought over 180 companies. Its largest acquisition was the phone making brand Motorola. Other major acquisitions of the firm were net labs and you tube. The Google strategically plans its acquisitions to be ahead of the competitors (Hooker, 2016). The Google has clarity in its structures. The employees are clear about the task that they are expected to perform. The organisational structure is also not a formal kind therefore less complex. Also the reason for such a large market share is simple user platform. Google provides simple platform to its customers which is easy to use. It not only provides simplified products or services it also provides quali ty products to its customers. The market tactic that proves most fruitful for the company is worldwide open access. Google provide its various products free of cost. Google also earns a sustainable amount of revenue from Google ads. This facility of Google has helped advertisers, bloggers, customers and the company itself. Out of all the above stated reasons Employee empowerment and innovation are two major contributors of success. Company is known for its innovative products and employee empowerment practices across the world. Netflix Netflix was established in the year 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is an American entertainment company. The companys current headquarters are in Los Gatos, California. Today Netflix is the leading television of the world. The company is divided into three basic segments domestic streaming, international streaming and domestic streaming. It is spread over 190 countries with around 104 million networks. The company provides 24/7 access to TV shows and movies including documentaries, feature films and original series. It provides members the facility to enjoy watching without any commercials and commitments. Netflix is a leading player in entertainment industry (Netflix, 2017). Today Netflix serves 190 countries. Reaching to this level is not an easy task. There are many factors that contribute to the success of Netflix. Netflix has a culture guide for its employees it is a kind of constitution. Netflix tries to a work culture that promotes innovation and creativity it the organisation. Employees in Netflix are always encouraged and given required freedom for good work. One of the major innovations of the company is replacement of static poster images with the custom-created preview videos. As the user scrolls over the title card these videos are automatically played (Bigspeak, 2017). Another major reason for the companys success is good relation with the content providers. The company aims to build up long term and profitable relationships with the service providers. For companies in same industry as Netflix it is very essential to maintain good skills with the employees. Netflix have mastered this skill (Fast company, 2017). Another major factor responsib le for impressive growth of the company is analysing customer wants by doing research. The company focused on determining what its customers actually needs. Netflix aimed to maintain a well-researched brand position. It was the key step to be ahead of the competitors. Before taking any decision the executives always though t whether this will make consumer experience happy or not. The research always helped to enhance market share and get the strategic guidance (Bariso, 2015). Another major factor responsible for success was timely grasping of opportunity. When the company was established in 2000 it was not possible to steam movies over 56 k connections. So during that phase company went for DVD distribution and planned for household connection of 14 mb per second by 2012. Timely improvements in the technology have helped the company to grasp market opportunities. The firms pricing strategy was also a competent factor which helped it to gain more. The firm always went to value based pricing. The company believed that customers will only come back if they find value for companys product. The company always tried to make the products and services an easy buy for the customer. The company always believed that on changing the strategy to the profitable one. Netflix believes that adopting a strategy that you find is working well may not be able to provide long term direction but will be able to provide short term competitive advantage. All the above stated factors were responsible for the current market standing of the firm. References Bariso, J., 2017. What Your Business Can Learn From Netflix, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Beattie, A., 2015. The Story Behind Google's Success, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Bigspeak, 2017. Netflix: A Success Story Words of Entrepreneurial Wisdom from the Founding Team Members, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Dhar, N., 2013. Top 10 Secrets Behind The Success of Google , viewed on 22 August 2017 from Fast company, 2017. Why Netflix is one of the most innovative companies of 2017, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Google, 2017. From the garage to the Googleplex, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Hooker, L., 2016. How did Google become the world's most valuable company?, viewed on 22 August 2017 from Netflix, 2017. About Netflix, viewed on 22 August 2017 from